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There is a story in everything.
It only needs a storyteller
and the story becomes visible.
I am a storyteller.
My name is Sönke Hahn
Media Scientist, Designer & Movie Maker

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& Gut Feeling.

People need stories, people love stories: The stomach is rumbling, your insides are cheering. Storytelling means to tell somebody´s gut feeling.
Communication combined with gut feeling affects you directly. Gut feeling is as much important as content. Both do not much good on their own: Film and design are more than just gut feeling and/or content. Analytic conception and professional creativity AND a portion of gut feeling of course are my foundation of telling stories. Even there where some do not assume a story.


"Habitat 2"

Movie/Excerpt of Serial Concept
Part Doctoral Thesis
Weimar 2015-2017
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"Vier Typen seriellen Erzählens im Fernsehen"

Editor: Publication (Anthology)
"Four Types of Serial Narration on Television:
An Illustrative Approach to Theory, History and Discourse"

Norderstedt 2017/2018
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"Heterotope Mechanismen
am Beispiel
von Schutzbauwerken
und (Fernseh-)Serien"

Weimar 2017
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Kurzfilm - Eine deutsche Jagdgeschichte.

                              Doctoral Thesis: Bunker-TV, TV-Bunker


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if you like to talk about gut feeling, stories, design, film and serials: perhaps via email or one of the following networks.

Sönke Hahn, Ph.D.

Weimar | Köln | Oldenburg