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Immersion & Narration

Immersion is a well known phenomenon in traditional movies. The fulldome media is offering a more intensive (spatial) experience - even compared to stereoscopic 3D. The film expandes beyond its tradional bounderies, its classical frames. The fulldome media enables or at least abets a (spatial) involvement. Instead of sitting in front of the screen (like we do in cinema) the audience is surrounded by the movie 360° to 180° degrees. Designers and movie makers are getting a whole new set of aesthetic and narrative ways of creating their movies within the dome.
The assigments of fulldome movie makers differ from traditional ways of shooting a film as well because the audience´s status is about to change in the dome. The audience itself co-designs the movie using the individuals´ senses.
Everybody is cutting the movie with his or her own eyes moving the head around within the dome.
Fulldome movies production is much more complex than tradional workflows - movies in real footage for example are filmed via fisheye lenses or multi camera rigs.
Common places to watch a fulldome movie are modern planetaries and media domes. Their worldwide number is growing. The range of content is grwoing, too. There are fictional movies and interactive games, even VJs are using the dome for their performances.

Soenke Hahn is interested in the aesthetical differences between classical and fulldome films. He is focussing on the narrative differences in theory and praxis.

  • Fulldome vs. 16:9
    Zu den Differenzen in Konzeption, Gestaltung
    und Produktion eines Spielfilms in der Kuppel
    und im klassischen Bildformat.
    Am Beispiel der Filmversionen von BREAKFAST.
    (Fulldome vs. 16:9: Differences in Conception, Design and Production of a Movie in Fulldome and Classical Frames
    Using the example of the short movie "breakFAST"

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& Workshops

  • "Experimenting with a Mulitcamera Rig.
    Shooting Fulldome in Real Footage.
    Challenges, Problems and Workflow",
    FullDome Festival 2013,
    Carl Zeiss Planetarium, Jena

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  • "Fulldome vs. 16:9"
    (zur differenten Gestaltung und
    Konzeption von Fulldome und 16:9),
    "Koordinaten Festival
    der räumlichen Medien 2012",
    FH Kiel

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  • "Liszt - Reimagined"
    short movie: Fulldome (3k)
    running time: approx. 5 min., 2010

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  • "breakFAST"
    short movie: 16:9 (SD), Fulldome (3k)
    running time: approx. 5 min., 2011/12

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  • "Fulldome Meme"
    music video: Fulldome (3k)
    running time: approx. 30 sek., 2013

  • "Habitat"
    Film/Serie: 16:9 (HD), Fulldome (3k)
    running time: approx. 2x5 min., 2013