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Dramaturgy & Hero´s Journey

Myth is a common term to discribe impressive persons and incidents.
The concept of archetypes by the psychologist C.G. Jung declares the myth as an intercultural and interpersonal phenomena. Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler extended this concept and deduced a narrative sketch that is still used in many of Hollywood´s blockbusters - for example James Cameron and Geroge Lucas frequently are creating their movies by Campbell´s and Vogler´s ideas. In fact many diffrent narrative products of many diffrent media are based on these concepts respectively these concepts can be analysed in plays, books and theme parks.
Apart from all that the myth itself is not - as Jung himself states - easy to observe. If there is an archaic core to the myth it is covered by cultural characteristics. Consisting of both aspects the myth can be understood as part of the individual´s "Weltbildapperat" ("world view apperatus").
The knowledge of the myth enables designers to create a product according to the myth´s success promising paramters OR to create something entirely new by searching for new narrative solutions.

Besides the theoretical explanation of this concept in the documentary "Drama im Studio Bauhaus" the mythical structures were used to create the "breakFAST" movie.


  • "Drama im Studio Bauhaus"
    documentary/infotainment/show: 16:9 (HDV)
    running time: approx. 30 min., 2010

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  • "breakFAST"
    short movie: 16:9 (SD), Fulldome (3k)
    running: approx. 5 min., 2011/12

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